E-Asset Management

E-Asset is a comprehensive Fixed Assets Management Solution developed to overcome industry challenge like Theft Of Assets ,mis-use Of assets, records of assets not available at the time of need, don't know the current value of assets. We have implemented fixed asset management solutions in various industries. e-Asset has been developed after detailed and expensive research with the support professionals which provide following benefit’s.


  • Track and identify the asset.
  • Security of the Asset specifically to prevent theft and misuse.
  • Calculate Depreciation.
  • Track Gross Book Value and Net Value of Assets.
  • Assists in Conducting Audit of Assets and Asset Verification.
  • Forecasting profits and cash flow regarding maintenance of assets, upgrading assets and replacement of assets.
  • Assists in estimating the future capital investment in fixed assets.
  • Determining business valuations.

Why e-Asset

Fixed assets are physical items such as computers, vehicles, office furniture and machinery that you acquire to run your business. These items are not like expenses (eg. Stationary and cleaning materials) that company use up very quickly. Companies keep and maintain fixed assets for a longer period of time and keep track of this for your business in a fixed asset register. We have all heard about that you should maintain a fixed asset register for your business,

Some of major E-Asset Module

  • Asset Audit.
  • Asset Inventory.
  • Asset Tagging.
  • Asset Tracking .
  • Asset Assignment.
  • Asset Maintenance.
  • Reports.