NFC Based Cashless Payment

Tap and Pay Using NFC

Our NFC based prepaid solution allows cashless transactions. This solution is developed to handle cash in various segments such as Events, Fairs, Canteen, product distribution etc.

We provide NFC enable payment solution by using any smart mobile as POS terminal. User will get NFC enabled Cards/Tag with cash loaded. User can pay for item with single tap and get cash balance update on User App. This makes faster checkout and quick service to large number of users in short time.

This solution also works in offline mode which is critical where network connectivity is not universal.

Our solution also supports high level of security to make NFC Chip data secure by using 3DES or AES cryptography methods.

All POS applications communicate with backend web portal which provide storage of every transaction and management. Offline POS devices can synchronize all transactions data post event when they are moved to network connectivity.

This solution works in offline and online mode and transaction can be stored on web portal.

E-Time attendance

Cloud Based e-Time Attendance

This solution provides e-Time Attendance for employees/ staff. This solution is based on based smartphones and web-based time attendance solution. Our web portal is accessible from any place thus allowing clients to manage attendance information, manage employee data, generate reports and get attendance data from mobile devices.

This solution allows Geo tracking of Sales/Field employees. It allows Check In/Check Out along with geolocation for Sales person/Field employees using their Android/iOS Smartphones.