Vehicle Management System

With RFID technology

Vehicle management system is integrated with RFID technology, computer management technology and automation control in one of the modern vehicle intelligent management system, the system can meet the modern vehicle management requirements about information, automation and intelligent. System architecture is shown

Solve These Problems

As vehicle management by labor control is low efficiency and takes long time, and not able to track the cars position, it will lower the car management efficiency. UHF RFID solutions will solve these problems.

How it works?

  • RFID Solutions system is for integrated with both RFID and network communication technology..
  • Firstly each car will be installed with a UHF RFID card containing the car’s information and unique ID.
  • A desktop reader is for writing information on the card.
  • Fixed RFID reader is for access control, with a circular polarized antenna ensuring the moving UHF RFID cards been readed.
  • Developed software with our well prepared SDK.


Smart car-management system:

  • Access without stopping car, no need labor handling.
  • Park according to specific parking lot as required.
  • Track the ID if it's illegal car or not.
  • RFID tag on car, easy to register and track.